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pike.git/src/peep.c:546:       case F_BYTE:    ins_byte((unsigned char)(c->arg));    break;       case F_DATA:    ins_data(c->arg);    break;       case F_FRAME_NAME: +  fprintf(stderr, "PEEP: F_FRAME_NAME %d %d [%d]\n", +  c->arg, c->arg2, store_linenumbers);    if (store_linenumbers) {    store_linenumber_frame_name(c->arg, c->arg2);    }    break;       case F_FRAME_TYPE: -  +  fprintf(stderr, "PEEP: F_FRAME_TYPE %d %d [%d]\n", +  c->arg, c->arg2, store_linenumbers);    if (store_linenumbers) {    store_linenumber_frame_type(c->arg, c->arg2);    }    break;       case F_FRAME_END: -  +  fprintf(stderr, "PEEP: F_FRAME_END %d [%d]\n", +  c->arg, store_linenumbers);    if (store_linenumbers) {    store_linenumber_frame_end(c->arg);    }    break;       case F_ENTRY:   #ifdef INS_ENTRY    INS_ENTRY();   #else    Pike_fatal ("F_ENTRY is supposed to be gone here.\n");