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pike.git/src/pike_compiler.h:12:      /* #define SUPPORT_COMPILER_HANDLERS */      extern struct program *reporter_program;   extern struct program *compilation_env_program;   extern struct program *compilation_program;   extern struct object *compilation_environment;   extern struct program *Annotation_program;   extern struct object *Inherited_annotation;    - typedef int supporter_callback (void *, int); + struct Supporter;    -  + typedef int supporter_callback (struct Supporter *, int); + typedef void supporter_exit_callback (struct Supporter *); +    struct Supporter   {   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    int magic;   #endif       struct Supporter *previous;    /* Makes up a linked list of supporters with the first one in    * current_supporter. Supporters are linked onto this list during    * the (recursive) compilation of each compilation unit (i.e.
pike.git/src/pike_compiler.h:47:    * unlinked from the current_supporter list. */       struct svalue self;    /* CompilerEnvironment object for this supporter.    * NB: NOT reference counted!    * NB: Subtyped to the CompilerEnvironment inherit.    */       supporter_callback *fun;    void *data; +  supporter_exit_callback *exit_fun;       struct program *prog;    /* The top level program in the compilation unit. */   };      /**    * This is the storage for CompilationEnvironment.PikeCompiler.    *    * There is one of these for each translation unit being compiled.    */