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pike.git/src/pike_compiler.h:86:    struct lex lex;    struct block_allocator node_allocator;/* Allocator for parse tree nodes. */       struct svalue default_module; /* predef:: */    struct byte_buffer used_modules; /* Stack of svalues with imported    * modules. */    INT32 num_used_modules; /* Number of entries on the stack. */       int compilation_depth; /* Current class nesting depth. */    +  int cumulative_parse_error; /* Number of parse errors. */ +    #ifdef PIKE_THREADS    int saved_lock_depth;   #endif    struct mapping *resolve_cache;   };      /*    * The next level is struct program_state, which are held in    * a linked list stack rooted in the Pike_compiler variable.    * There is one such struct for each class being compiled,