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pike.git/src/pike_rusage.h:147:      /* Prototypes begin here */   typedef long pike_rusage_t[29];   PMOD_EXPORT int pike_get_rusage(pike_rusage_t rusage_values);   long *low_rusage(void);      /* get_cpu_time returns the consumed cpu time (both in kernel and user    * space, if applicable), or -1 if it couldn't be read. Note that many    * systems have fairly poor resolution. gettimeofday can therefore be    * a better choice to measure small time intervals. */ - #ifdef INT64 +    /* The time is returned in nanoseconds. */   typedef INT64 cpu_time_t;   #define LONG_CPU_TIME   #define CPU_TIME_TICKS_LOW /* per second */ (1000000000L)   #define CPU_TIME_UNIT "ns"   #define PRINT_CPU_TIME PRINTINT64 "d" - #else - /* The time is returned in milliseconds. (Note that the value will -  * wrap after about 49 days.) */ - typedef unsigned long cpu_time_t; - #define CPU_TIME_TICKS_LOW /* per second */ 1000 - #define CPU_TIME_UNIT "ms" - #define PRINT_CPU_TIME "lu" - #endif +    #define CPU_TIME_TICKS /* per second */ ((cpu_time_t)CPU_TIME_TICKS_LOW)      #ifdef GCT_RUNTIME_CHOICE   #ifndef cpu_time_is_thread_local   PMOD_EXPORT extern int cpu_time_is_thread_local;   #endif   PMOD_EXPORT extern const char *get_cpu_time_impl;   PMOD_EXPORT extern cpu_time_t (*get_cpu_time) (void);   PMOD_EXPORT extern cpu_time_t (*get_cpu_time_res) (void);   #else