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pike.git/src/pike_types.h:183:   /*    * new_check_call(), check_splice_call() and get_first_arg_type() flags    */   #define CALL_STRICT 0x0001 /* Strict checking. */   #define CALL_NOT_LAST_ARG 0x0002 /* This is not the last argument. */   #define CALL_WEAK_VOID 0x0008 /* Allow promotion of void to zero. */   #define CALL_ARG_LVALUE 0x0010 /* Argument is lvalue (sscanf). */   #define CALL_INHIBIT_WARNINGS 0x0020 /* Inhibit warnings. */   #define CALL_INVERTED_TYPES 0x0040 /* The fun and arg are inverted. */    + struct call_state + { +  INT32 argno; + }; +  + #define LOW_INIT_CALL_STATE(CS, ARGNO) do { \ +  (CS).argno = (ARGNO); \ +  } while (0) +  + #define INIT_CALL_STATE(CS) LOW_INIT_CALL_STATE(CS, 0) +  + #define FREE_CALL_STATE(CS) +    /*    * soft_cast() flags    */   #define SOFT_WEAKER 0x0001 /* Soft cast to a weaker type. */      void debug_free_type(struct pike_type *t);   #define copy_pike_type(D, S) \    safe_add_ref(D = (struct pike_type *)debug_malloc_pass(S))   #define CONSTTYPE(X) make_pike_type(X)   
pike.git/src/pike_types.h:401:   struct pike_type *get_argument_type(struct pike_type *fun, int arg_no);   struct pike_type *soft_cast(struct pike_type *soft_type,    struct pike_type *orig_type,    int flags);   struct pike_type *check_call_svalue(struct pike_type *fun_type,    INT32 flags,    struct svalue *sval);   struct pike_type *low_new_check_call(struct pike_type *fun_type,    struct pike_type *arg_type,    INT32 flags, +  struct call_state *cs,    struct svalue *sval);   struct pike_type *new_get_return_type(struct pike_type *fun_type,    INT32 flags);   struct pike_type *get_first_arg_type(struct pike_type *fun_type,    INT32 flags);   struct pike_type *check_splice_call(struct pike_string *fun_name,    struct pike_type *fun_type, -  INT32 argno, +  struct call_state *cs,    struct pike_type *arg_type,    struct svalue *sval,    INT32 flags);   struct pike_type *new_check_call(struct pike_string *fun_name,    struct pike_type *fun_type, -  node *args, INT32 *argno, INT32 flags); +  node *args, struct call_state *cs, +  INT32 flags);   struct pike_type *zzap_function_return(struct pike_type *t,    struct pike_type *fun_ret);   struct pike_type *get_lax_type_of_svalue( const struct svalue *s );   struct pike_type *get_type_of_svalue(const struct svalue *s);   struct pike_type *object_type_to_program_type(struct pike_type *obj_t);   PMOD_EXPORT char *get_name_of_type(TYPE_T t);   void cleanup_pike_types(void);   void cleanup_pike_type_table(void);   PMOD_EXPORT void *find_type(struct pike_type *t,    void *(*cb)(struct pike_type *));