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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/refdoc/GTK2.pmod/CellRenderer.pike:46:   //!      GTK2.CellRenderer render( GTK2.GdkWindow window, GTK2.Widget widget, GTK2.GdkRectangle background_area, GTK2.GdkRectangle cell_area, GTK2.GdkRectangle expose_area, int flags );   //! Invokes the virtual render function of the W(CellRenderer). The three   //! passed-in rectangles are areas of window. Most renderers will draw within   //! cell_area; the xalign, yalign, xpad, and ypad fields of the W(CellRenderer)   //! should be honored with respect to cell_area. background_area includes the   //! blank space around the cell, and also the area containing the tree   //! expander; so the background_area rectangles for all cells tile to cover the   //! entire window. expose_area is a clip rectangle. - //! flags is one of @[CELL_RENDERER_FOCUSED], @[CELL_RENDERER_INSENSITIVE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_ACTIVATABLE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_EDITABLE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_INERT], @[CELL_RENDERER_PRELIT], @[CELL_RENDERER_SELECTED] and @[CELL_RENDERER_SORTED]. + //! flags is one of @[CELL_RENDERER_ACCEL_MODE_GTK], @[CELL_RENDERER_ACCEL_MODE_OTHER], @[CELL_RENDERER_FOCUSED], @[CELL_RENDERER_INSENSITIVE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_ACTIVATABLE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_EDITABLE], @[CELL_RENDERER_MODE_INERT], @[CELL_RENDERER_PRELIT], @[CELL_RENDERER_SELECTED] and @[CELL_RENDERER_SORTED].   //!   //!      GTK2.CellRenderer set_fixed_size( int width, int height );   //! Sets the renderer size to be explicit, independent of the properties set.   //!   //!      GTK2.CellRenderer start_editing( GTK2.GdkEvent event, GTK2.Widget widget, string path, GTK2.GdkRectangle background_area, GTK2.GdkRectangle cell_area, int flags );   //! Passes an activate event to the cell renderer for possible processing.   //!   //!      GTK2.CellRenderer stop_editing( int canceled );   //! Informs the cell renderer that the editing is stopped. If canceled is   //! true, the cell renderer will emit the "editing-canceled" signal. This   //! function should be called by cell renderer implementations in response to   //! the "editing-done" signal of W(CellEditable).   //!   //!