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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/refdoc/GTK2.pmod/TreeDragDest.pike:1:   //! + //! + //!      int drag_data_received( GTK2.TreePath path, GTK2.SelectionData sel );   //! Asks to insert a row before the path dest, deriving the contents of the   //! row from the sel. If this dest is outside the tree so that inserting   //! before it is impossible, false will be returned. Also, false may be   //! returned if the new row is not created for some model-specific reason.   //!   //!      int row_drop_possible( GTK2.TreePath path, GTK2.SelectionData sel );   //! Determines whether a drop is possible before past, at the same depth as   //! path. i.e., can we drop the data in sel at that location. path does not   //! have to exist; the return value will almost certainly be false if the   //! parent of path doesn't exist, though.   //!   //!