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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/constants.pre:1182:   constant int GTK_CELL_RENDERER_MODE_ACTIVATABLE;   constant int GTK_CELL_RENDERER_MODE_EDITABLE;   endnot;      /* GTK: GtkMenuShell: GtkMenuDirectionType */   constant int GTK_MENU_DIR_PARENT;   constant int GTK_MENU_DIR_CHILD;   constant int GTK_MENU_DIR_NEXT;   constant int GTK_MENU_DIR_PREV;    + /* GTK: GtkMenuBar: GtkPackDirection */ + require gtk28; + constant int GTK_PACK_DIRECTION_LTR; + constant int GTK_PACK_DIRECTION_RTL; + constant int GTK_PACK_DIRECTION_TTB; + constant int GTK_PACK_DIRECTION_BTT; + endrequire; +    /* GTK: GtkToolbar: GtkToolbarChildType    deprecated   constant int GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_SPACE;   constant int GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_BUTTON;   constant int GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_TOGGLEBUTTON;   constant int GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_RADIOBUTTON;   constant int GTK_TOOLBAR_CHILD_WIDGET;   */      /* GTK: GtkToolbar: GtkToolbarSpaceStyle */
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/constants.pre:1501:      /* Pango: Text Attributes: PangoUnderline */   constant int PANGO_UNDERLINE_NONE;   constant int PANGO_UNDERLINE_SINGLE;   constant int PANGO_UNDERLINE_DOUBLE;   constant int PANGO_UNDERLINE_LOW;   require pango14;   constant int PANGO_UNDERLINE_ERROR;   endrequire;    + /* Pango: Text Attributes: PangoWrapMode */ + constant int PANGO_WRAP_WORD; + constant int PANGO_WRAP_CHAR; + constant int PANGO_WRAP_WORD_CHAR; +  + /* Pango: Text Attributes: PangoEllipsizeMode */ + constant int PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_NONE; + constant int PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_START; + constant int PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_MIDDLE; + constant int PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_END; +  + /* Pango: Text Attributes: PangoAlignMode */ + constant int PANGO_ALIGN_LEFT; + constant int PANGO_ALIGN_CENTER; + constant int PANGO_ALIGN_RIGHT; +    endrequire;      require gnome;   /* constant int GNORBA_INIT_SERVER_FUNC; */   /* constant int GNORBA_INIT_DISABLE_COOKIES; */   /* constant int GNORBA_INIT_CORBA_PRIO_HIGH; */      /* GnomeDialogType */   require gnomeui;   constant int GNOME_DIALOG_ERROR;
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/constants.pre:1551:   constant int GNOME_EDGE_FINISH;   constant int GNOME_EDGE_OTHER;   constant int GNOME_EDGE_LAST;      /* GnomeDateEditFlags */   constant int GNOME_DATE_EDIT_SHOW_TIME;   constant int GNOME_DATE_EDIT_24_HR;   constant int GNOME_DATE_EDIT_WEEK_STARTS_ON_MONDAY;   endrequire;    - /* + require docs_build; + /* These constants do not exist in Gnome2, but to ensure the docs + build correctly, they're enabled for docs only. */   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_NORMAL;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_EXCLUSIVE;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_NEVER_FLOATING;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_NEVER_VERTICAL;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_NEVER_HORIZONTAL;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_ITEM_BEH_LOCKED;      constant int GNOME_DOCK_LEFT;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_RIGHT;   constant int GNOME_DOCK_TOP;
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/constants.pre:1742:   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_ALIGN_LEFT;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_ALIGN_RIGHT;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_ALIGN_CENTER;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_ALIGN_JUSTIFY;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_TEXT_BOLD;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_TEXT_ITALIC;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_TEXT_UNDERLINE;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_TEXT_STRIKEOUT;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_EXIT;   constant string GNOME_STOCK_MENU_JUMP_TO; - */ +    endrequire; -  + endrequire;      require gtk210;   require gtk212;   /*   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_PAGE_SET;   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_COPIES;   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_COLLATE;   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_REVERSE;   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_SCALE;   constant int GTK_PRINT_CAPABILITY_GENERATE_PDF;