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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/global.pre:191:    struct array *a;    int argc;    gchar **data;    if( Pike_sp[-an].type != PIKE_T_ARRAY )    Pike_error("Expected array\n");    a = Pike_sp[-an].u.array;    if (!a->size)    Pike_error ("Expected array with at least one element.\n");    data=g_malloc0(sizeof(char *)*(a->size+1));    if (data==NULL) -  Pike_error("Out of memory.\n"); +  Pike_error(msg_out_of_mem);    for( argc=0; argc<a->size; argc++ )    if (!PGTK_ISSTR(ITEM(a)+argc))    {    g_free(data);    Pike_error("Index %d in the array given as argv "    "is not a valid string.\n", argc);    }    else    data[argc] = PGTK_GETSTR( ITEM(a)+argc );    *argc_ret = argc;