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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkaction.pre:88:   +GTK2.Widget create_icon(int icon_size);   //! This function is intended for use by action implementations to create   //! icons displayed in the proxy widgets. One of CONST(GTK_ICON_SIZE_).      +GTK2.Widget create_menu_item();   //! Creates a menu item widget that proxies for the action.      +GTK2.Widget create_tool_item();   //! Creates a toolbar item widget that proxies for the action.    + require gtk212; + +GTK2.Widget create_menu(); + //! If this action provides a W(Menu) widget as a submenu for the menu item + //! or the toolbar item it creates, this function returns an instance of + //! that menu. + endrequire; +    void connect_proxy(GTK2.Widget proxy);   //! Connects a widget to an action object as a proxy. Synchronises various   //! properties of the action with the widget (such as label text, icon,   //! tooltip, etc), and attaches a callback so that the action gets activated   //! when the proxy widget does.      void disconnect_proxy(GTK2.Widget proxy);   //! Disconnects a proxy widget. Does not destroy the widget.      array(GTK2.Widget) get_proxies()