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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkcelleditable.pre:7:   signal remove_widget;      void start_editing(?GDK2.Event event)   //! Begins editing. event is the GDK2.Event that began the editing process.   //! It may be empty, in the instance that editing was initiated through   //! programmatic means.   {    pgtk2_verify_inited();    if (args) {    struct object *o1; -  get_all_args("start_editing",args,"%o",&o1); +  get_all_args(NULL,args,"%o",&o1);    gtk_cell_editable_start_editing(GTK_CELL_EDITABLE(THIS->obj),    (GdkEvent *)get_gdkobject(o1,event));    } else    gtk_cell_editable_start_editing(GTK_CELL_EDITABLE(THIS->obj),NULL);    RETURN_THIS();   }      void editing_done();   //! Emits the "editing-done" signal. This signal is a sign for the cell   //! renderer to update its value from the cell.      void remove_widget();   //! Emits the "remove-widget" signal. This signal is meant to indicate that   //! the cell is finished editing, and the widget may now be destroyed.