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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkcelllayout.pre:10:    GtkCellRenderer *cell,    GtkTreeModel *tree_model,    GtkTreeIter *iter,    struct signal_data *d) {    int res;    push_gobject(cell_layout);    push_gobject(cell);    push_gobject(tree_model);    push_pgdk2object(iter,pgtk2_tree_iter_program,0);    push_svalue(&d->args); -  apply_svalue(&d->cb,5); +  safe_apply_svalue(&d->cb, 5, 1);    res=Pike_sp[-1].u.integer;    pop_stack();    return res;   }   %}      void pack_start(GTK2.CellRenderer cell, int expand);   //! Packs the cell into the beginning. If expand is false, then the cell is   //! allocated no more space than it needs. Any unused space is divied evenly   //! between the cells for which expand is true.
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkcelllayout.pre:46:   //! instead of the standard attributes mapping for setting the column   //! value, and should set the value of the cell layout's cell renderer(s)   //! as appropriate. f may be 0 to remove an older one.   {    pgtk2_verify_inited();    {    struct svalue *sv1,*sv2;    struct object *o1;    struct signal_data *sd;    -  get_all_args("set_cell_data_func",args,"%o%*%*",&o1,&sv1,&sv2); +  get_all_args(NULL,args,"%o%*%*",&o1,&sv1,&sv2);    sd=(struct signal_data *)g_malloc(sizeof(struct signal_data));    if (sd==NULL)    SIMPLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY_ERROR("set_cell_data_func",sizeof(struct signal_data));    assign_svalue_no_free(&sd->cb,sv1);    assign_svalue_no_free(&sd->args,sv2);    gtk_cell_layout_set_cell_data_func(GTK_CELL_LAYOUT(THIS->obj),    GTK_CELL_RENDERER(get_gobject(o1)),    (GtkCellLayoutDataFunc)pgtk2_cell_layout_data_callback,    sd,(GtkDestroyNotify)pgtk2_free_signal_data);    }    RETURN_THIS();   }      void clear_attributes(GTK2.CellRenderer cell);   //! Clears all existing attributes.      endrequire;