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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkcheckbutton.pre:1:   /* -*- C -*- */   class GTK2.CheckButton;   inherit GTK2.ToggleButton;      //! Check buttons inherent many properties and functions from the the   //! toggle buttons, but look a little different. Rather than   //! being buttons with text inside them, they are small squares with   //! the text to the right of them. These are often used for toggling   //! options on and off in applications. - //! IMG: GTK2.Check_button( "title" ) + //! IMG: GTK2.CheckButton( "title" )      //! Style properties:   //! int indicator-size   //! int indicator-spacing      void create(string|mapping|void label_or_props)   //! The argument, if specified, is the label of the item.   //! If no label is specified, use object->add() to add some   //! other widget (such as an pixmap or image widget)   {