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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkfilechooserdialog.pre:1:   /* -*- C -*- */   require gtk24;      class GTK2.FileChooserDialog;   inherit GTK2.Dialog; + inherit GTK2.FileChooser;      //! GtkFileChooserDialog should be used to retrieve file or directory names   //! from the user. It will create a new dialog window containing a   //! directory list, and a file list corresponding to the current   //! working directory. The filesystem can be navigated using the   //! directory list, the drop-down history menu, or the TAB key can be   //! used to navigate using filename completion common in text based   //! editors such as emacs and jed.   //! <p>   //! The default filename can be set using set_filename() and the
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkfilechooserdialog.pre:166:    sv=simple_mapping_string_lookup(m,"id");    response_id=PGTK_GETINT(sv);    gtk_dialog_add_button(GTK_DIALOG(THIS->obj),text,response_id);    }    }    my_pop_n_elems(args);    }    pgtk__init_this_object();   }    - #include "gtkfilechooser.inc" -  +    endrequire;