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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtknotebook.pre:31:   //! int tab-fill   //! string tab-label   //! int tab-pack   //! <p>   require gtk24;   //! Style properties:   //! int has-backward-stepper   //! int has-forward-stepper   //! int has-secondary-backward-stepper   //! int has-secondary-forward-stepper + require gtk210; + //! int tab-curvature + //! int tab-overlap   endrequire; -  + endrequire;      signal change_current_page;   signal focus_tab;   signal move_focus_out;   signal select_page;   signal switch_page;   //! Called when a different page is selected      void create(?mapping(string:mixed) props)   //! Create a W(Notebook) widget with no pages.
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtknotebook.pre:95:      void remove_page(int pos);   //! Remove a page.      int get_current_page();   //! Returns the index of the currently selected page      int page_num(GTK2.Widget widget);   //! Returns the index for the specified page.    - GTK2.Widget get_nth_page( int index ); + +GTK2.Widget get_nth_page( int index );   //! Returns the page for the specified index      void set_current_page(int pos);   //! Go to the specified page    -  + require gtk210; + void set_group_id(int id); + //! Sets an group identifier for notebook; notebooks sharing the same group + //! identifier will be able to exchange tabs via drag and drop. A notebook + //! with group identifier -1 will not be able to exchange tabs with any other + //! notebook. +  + int get_group_id(); + //! Gets the current group identifier. + endrequire; +    void next_page();   //! Go to the next page      void prev_page();   //! Go to the previous page      void reorder_child(GTK2.Widget child, int position);   //! Reorders the page containing child, so that it appears at   //! position.   
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtknotebook.pre:134:      void set_scrollable(int scrollablep);   //! If true, add scrollbars if necessary.      void popup_enable();   //! Enable the popup menu (set with insert_page_menu).      void popup_disable();   //! Disable the popup menu (set with insert_page_menu).    - GTK2.Widget get_menu_label(GTK2.Widget page); + +GTK2.Widget get_menu_label(GTK2.Widget page);   //! Retrieves the menu label widget of the page containing child.      require gtk22;   int get_n_pages();   //! Get the number of pages.   endrequire;    - GTK2.Widget get_tab_label(GTK2.Widget page); + +GTK2.Widget get_tab_label(GTK2.Widget page);   //! Returns the tab label widget.      void set_menu_label(GTK2.Widget child, GTK2.Widget label);   //! Changes the menu label for the page containing child.      void set_menu_label_text(GTK2.Widget child, string label_text);   //! Creates a new label with label_text sets it as the menu label.      void set_tab_label(GTK2.Widget child, GTK2.Widget label);   //! Changes the tab label for child.
pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtknotebook.pre:164:   void set_tab_label_packing(GTK2.Widget child, int expand, int fill, int type);   //! Sets the packing parameters for the tab label of the page child.      void set_tab_label_text(GTK2.Widget child, string title);   //! Creates a new label and sets it as the tab label for the page   //! containing child.      string get_menu_label_text(GTK2.Widget child);   //! Retrieves the text of the menu label for the page containing child.    - GTK2.Widget get_menu_label(GTK2.Widget page); + +GTK2.Widget get_menu_label(GTK2.Widget page);   //! Return the menu label widget.      int get_scrollable();   //! Returns whether the tab label area has arrows for scrolling.      int get_show_border();   //! Returns whether a bevel will be drawn around the pages.      int get_show_tabs();   //! Returns whether the tabs of the notebook are shown.      string get_tab_label_text(GTK2.Widget child);   //! Retrieves the text of the tab label for the page containing child.      int get_tab_pos();   //! Gets the edge at which the tabs are located.    -  + require gtk210; + int get_tab_reorderable(GTK2.Widget child); + //! Gets whether the tab can be reordered via drag and drop or not. +  + int get_tab_detachable(GTK2.Widget child); + //! Returns whether the tab contents can be detached. + endrequire; +    mapping(string:int) query_tab_label_packing(GTK2.Widget page)   //! Returns ([ "expand":expandp, "fill":fillp, "pack_type":type ])   {    struct object *o;    gboolean expand=0, fill=0;    GtkPackType pack_type=0;    get_all_args("query_tab_label_packing",args,"%o",&o);    gtk_notebook_query_tab_label_packing(GTK_NOTEBOOK(THIS->obj),    GTK_WIDGET(get_gobject(o)),    &expand,    &fill,    &pack_type);    pgtk2_pop_n_elems(args);    ref_push_string(_STR("expand")); push_int(expand);    ref_push_string(_STR("fill")); push_int(fill);    ref_push_string(_STR("pack_type")); push_int(pack_type);    f_aggregate_mapping(6);   }