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pike.git/src/post_modules/GTK2/source/gtkprintoperation.pre:146:   //! obtain some information about the progress of the print operation.   //! Furthermore, it may use a recursive mainloop to show the print dialog.   {    pgtk2_verify_inited();    {    struct object *o1;    INT_TYPE action;    GError *error=NULL;    GtkPrintOperationResult res;    -  get_all_args("run",args,"%i%o",&action,&o1); +  get_all_args(NULL,args,"%i%o",&action,&o1);    res=gtk_print_operation_run(GTK_PRINT_OPERATION(THIS->obj),    action,GTK_WINDOW(get_gobject(o1)),&error);    pgtk2_pop_n_elems(args);    push_int(res);    }   }      void cancel();   //! Cancels a running print operation. This function may be called from a   //! begin-print, paginate or draw-page signal handler to stop the currently