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pike.git/src/post_modules/Nettle/configure.in:1: - # $Id: configure.in,v 1.19 2007/03/20 16:35:41 grubba Exp $ + # $Id: configure.in,v 1.20 2008/07/17 10:53:20 mast Exp $   AC_INIT(nettle.cmod)   AC_CONFIG_HEADER(nettle_config.h)      AC_SET_MAKE      AC_MODULE_INIT()      if test "$with_nettle" = "no"; then    PIKE_FEATURE_WITHOUT(nettle)   else
pike.git/src/post_modules/Nettle/configure.in:69:    ], [Cannot compile --with-nettle without the Nettle library.   It is highly recommended that you install a working Nettle library on   your system as that will add features to Pike required by many   applications. These features include ciphers, hash algorithms and   random generators. If you know that you do not need cryptographic   functions, you can re-run configure with the option --without-nettle   instead. Nettle is available at http://www.lysator.liu.se/~nisse/nettle/.    ])    PIKE_FEATURE_NODEP(Nettle)    fi +  +  # These might have been purged from the Nettle lib to avoid GPL +  # contamination. +  AC_CHECK_FUNCS(nettle_blowfish_decrypt nettle_serpent_decrypt)   fi      AC_OUTPUT(Makefile,echo FOO >stamp-h )