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pike.git/src/post_modules/Nettle/nettle.cmod:28:    *! Low level crypto functions used by the @[Crypto] module. Unless    *! you are doing something very special, you would want to use the    *! Crypto module instead.    */      /*! @class Yarrow    *!    *! Yarrow is a family of pseudo-randomness generators, designed for    *! cryptographic use, by John Kelsey, Bruce Schneier and Niels Ferguson.    *! Yarrow-160 is described in a paper at -  *! @url{http://www.counterpane.com/yarrow.html@}, and it uses SHA1 and +  *! @url{http://www.schneier.com/paper-yarrow.html@}, and it uses SHA1 and    *! triple-DES, and has a 160-bit internal state. Nettle implements    *! Yarrow-256, which is similar, but uses SHA256 and AES to get an    *! internal state of 256 bits.    */   PIKECLASS Yarrow   {    CVAR struct yarrow256_ctx ctx;    CVAR struct yarrow_source *sources;      #ifndef HAVE_STRUCT_YARROW256_CTX_SEED_FILE