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pike.git/src/post_modules/Nettle/nettle.h:5:   struct program;   extern struct program *nettle_hash_program;   extern struct program *hash_instance_program;   extern struct program *nettle_hash_program;      #define NO_WIDE_STRING(s) do { \    if ((s)->size_shift) \    Pike_error("Bad argument. Must be 8-bit string.\n"); \    } while(0)    +  + /* Hashing methods can normally process hundres of megabytes per second +  so it's rather wasteful to enable threads during hashing of smaller +  data sizes. Limit is now 1 MB. */ + #define THREADS_ALLOW_THRESHOLD (1024 * 1024) +  +    char *pike_crypt_md5(int pl, const char *const pw,    int sl, const char *const salt);      void hash_init(void);      void hash_exit(void);      void cipher_init(void);      void cipher_exit(void);      void nt_init(void);      void nt_exit(void);