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pike.git/src/program.c:132:    * and testing different hashsizes and tresholds. I tried to do it    * mathematically by measuring the extremes (no cache hits, 100%    * cache hits etc.) but it seems that the processor cache becomes    * exhausted in some of my measurements, which renders my mathematical    * model useless.    *    * Further measurements seems to indicate that this cache can slow    * things down a bit if the hit/miss rate is not fairly high.    * For normal applications, the hitrate is most likely well over 90%,    * but that should be verified. -  * - Holistiska Centralbyr√•n (Hubbe) +  * - Hubbe    */      /* Define the size of the cache that is used for method lookup. */   /* A value of zero disables this cache */   #define FIND_FUNCTION_HASHSIZE 16384      /* Programs with less methods will not use the cache for method lookups.. */   #define FIND_FUNCTION_HASH_TRESHOLD 0