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pike.git/src/program.c:4642:    * @return Returns the reference in state->new_program if found.    */   PMOD_EXPORT int reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *state,    struct pike_string *inherit,    struct pike_string *name)   {    int e, id;    struct program *p;      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG -  if (name != debug_find_shared_string(name)) +  if (name != debug_findstring(name))    Pike_fatal("reference_inherited_identifier on nonshared string.\n");   #endif       if (!state) state = Pike_compiler;       p = state->new_program;       /* FIXME: This loop could be optimized by advancing by the number    * of inherits in the inherit. But in that case the loop    * would have to go the other way.
pike.git/src/program.c:5514:      /* argument must be a shared string */   int define_variable(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_type *type,    INT32 flags)   {    int n, run_time_type;    int no_this = 0;      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG -  if(name != debug_find_shared_string(name)) +  if(name != debug_findstring(name))    Pike_fatal("define_variable on nonshared string.\n");   #endif      #ifdef PROGRAM_BUILD_DEBUG    {    struct compilation *c = THIS_COMPILATION;    struct pike_string *d = describe_type (type);    fprintf (stderr, "%.*sdefining variable (pass=%d): %s ",    c->compilation_depth, "", Pike_compiler->compiler_pass, d->str);    free_string (d);
pike.git/src/program.c:5721:    }   #endif      #if 0    if (!c) {    c = &svalue_int_zero;    }   #endif      #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG -  if(name != debug_find_shared_string(name)) +  if(name != debug_findstring(name))    Pike_fatal("define_constant on nonshared string.\n");    if (c) {    check_svalue ((struct svalue*)c);    if (TYPEOF(*c) > MAX_TYPE)    /* check_svalue allows some things like T_SVALUE_PTR. */    Pike_fatal ("Invalid type in svalue: %d\n", TYPEOF(*c));    }   #endif       n = isidentifier(name);