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pike.git/src/program.h:1:   /*   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information.   */      #ifndef PROGRAM_H   #define PROGRAM_H      #include "global.h" - #include "pike_macros.h" +    #include "pike_error.h"   #include "svalue.h"   #include "time_stuff.h"   #include "program_id.h" - #include "pike_rusage.h" +    #include "block_allocator.h"   #include "string_builder.h" -  + #include "gc_header.h"      /* Needed to support dynamic loading on NT */   PMOD_EXPORT extern struct program_state * Pike_compiler;      /* Compilation flags */   #define COMPILATION_CHECK_FINAL 0x01    /* This flag is set when resolve functions should force the lookup so    * that we don't get a placeholder back. Used for inherits. */   #define COMPILATION_FORCE_RESOLVE 0x02   
pike.git/src/program.h:53:   extern struct pike_string *this_string;   extern struct pike_string *args_string;      /* Common compiler subsystems */   extern struct pike_string *parser_system_string;   extern struct pike_string *type_check_system_string;      enum LFUN {    LFUN___INIT,    LFUN_CREATE, -  LFUN_DESTROY, +  LFUN__DESTRUCT,    LFUN_ADD,    LFUN_SUBTRACT,    LFUN_AND,    LFUN_OR,    LFUN_XOR,    LFUN_LSH,    LFUN_RSH,    LFUN_MULTIPLY,    LFUN_DIVIDE,    LFUN_MOD,
pike.git/src/program.h:122:   extern const char *const lfun_names[];      extern struct pike_string *lfun_strings[];      #ifndef STRUCT_NODE_S_DECLARED   #define STRUCT_NODE_S_DECLARED   struct node_s;   typedef struct node_s node;   #endif    - #ifndef STRUCT_OBJECT_DECLARED - #define STRUCT_OBJECT_DECLARED - struct object; - #endif -  +    #undef EXTERN   #undef STRUCT   #undef PUSH   #undef POP   #undef DECLARE      #define STRUCT   #include "compilation.h"      #define EXTERN   #include "compilation.h"      /* Byte-code method identification. */   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_PORTABLE -1 /* Only used by the codec. */   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_DEFAULT 0 - #define PIKE_BYTECODE_GOTO 1 + #define PIKE_BYTECODE_GOTO 1 /* Not in use */   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_SPARC 2   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_IA32 3   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_PPC32 4   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_AMD64 5   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_PPC64 6   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_ARM32 7   #define PIKE_BYTECODE_ARM64 8 -  + #define PIKE_BYTECODE_RV32 9 + #define PIKE_BYTECODE_RV64 10      #ifndef PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD   #error PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD not set.   #endif      #if PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_IA32   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT8   #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_AMD64   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT8   #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_SPARC   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT32   #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_PPC32   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT32   #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_PPC64   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT32 - #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_GOTO - #define PIKE_OPCODE_T void * - #define PIKE_INSTR_T void * +    #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_ARM32   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT32   #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_ARM64   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT32 -  + #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_RV32 + #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT16 + #elif PIKE_BYTECODE_METHOD == PIKE_BYTECODE_RV64 + #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT16   #else   #define PIKE_OPCODE_T unsigned INT8   #endif      #ifndef PIKE_INSTR_T   /* The type for an opcode instruction identifier (not packed). In all    * cases but PIKE_BYTECODE_GOTO, this is n - F_OFFSET where n is the    * number in the Pike_opcodes enum. */   #define PIKE_INSTR_T unsigned int   #endif
pike.git/src/program.h:418:    *    * Note that the struct inherit for the program that directly    * inherited the program represented by this struct inherit can be    * found by going backwards in program.inherits from this struct    * until one is found with an inherit_level less than this one. */    INT16 inherit_level;       /* All the identifier references in the inherited program have been    * copied to this program with the first one at this offset. */    INT16 identifier_level; +  /* TODO: why is this signed. */       /* The index of the identifier reference in the parent program for    * the identifier from which this inherit was done. -1 if there's no    * such thing. It's always -1 in the inherit struct for the top    * level program. */    INT16 parent_identifier;       /* Describes how to find the parent object for the external    * identifier references associated with this inherit:    *
pike.git/src/program.h:617:      /* Single entry cache for object indexing. */   struct identifier_lookup_cache   {    INT32 program_id;    INT32 identifier_id;   };      struct program   { -  INT32 refs; -  +  GC_MARKER_MEMBERS;    INT32 id; /* used to identify program in caches */ -  +     /* storage_needed - storage needed in object struct    * the first inherit[0].storage_offset bytes are not used and are    * subtracted when inheriting.    */    ptrdiff_t storage_needed; /* storage needed in the object struct */    ptrdiff_t xstorage; /* Non-inherited storage */    ptrdiff_t parent_info_storage;       INT16 flags; /* PROGRAM_* */    unsigned INT8 alignment_needed;
pike.git/src/program.h:659:   #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,ARGTYPE,NAME) TYPE * NAME ;   #include "program_areas.h"      #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,ARGTYPE,NAME) NUMTYPE PIKE_CONCAT(num_,NAME) ;   #include "program_areas.h"       INT16 lfuns[NUM_LFUNS];   };      PMOD_EXPORT void dump_program_tables (const struct program *p, int indent); +    #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG - static inline int PIKE_UNUSED_ATTRIBUTE CHECK_IDREF_RANGE (int x, const struct program *p) - { -  if (x < 0 || x >= p->num_identifier_references) { + PIKE_UNUSED_ATTRIBUTE + static inline unsigned INT16 CHECK_IDREF_RANGE(unsigned INT16 x, const struct program *p) { +  if (x >= p->num_identifier_references) {    dump_program_tables(p, 4);    debug_fatal ("Identifier reference index %d out of range 0..%d\n", x,    p->num_identifier_references - 1);    }    return x;   } - #else - #define CHECK_IDREF_RANGE(X, P) (X) + #else /* !PIKE_DEBUG */ + PIKE_UNUSED_ATTRIBUTE + static inline unsigned INT16 CHECK_IDREF_RANGE(unsigned INT16 x, +  const struct program *PIKE_UNUSED(p)) { +  return x; + }   #endif    - #define PTR_FROM_INT(P, X) ((P)->identifier_references + \ -  CHECK_IDREF_RANGE((X), (P))) + static inline struct reference *PTR_FROM_INT(const struct program *p, unsigned INT16 x) { +  x = CHECK_IDREF_RANGE(x, p); +  return p->identifier_references + x; + }    - #define INHERIT_FROM_PTR(P,X) (dmalloc_touch(struct program *,(P))->inherits + (X)->inherit_offset) - #define PROG_FROM_PTR(P,X) (dmalloc_touch(struct program *,INHERIT_FROM_PTR(P,X)->prog)) - #define ID_FROM_PTR(P,X) (PROG_FROM_PTR(P,X)->identifiers+(X)->identifier_offset) - #define INHERIT_FROM_INT(P,X) INHERIT_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X)) - #define PROG_FROM_INT(P,X) PROG_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X)) - #define ID_FROM_INT(P,X) ID_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X)) + static inline struct inherit *INHERIT_FROM_PTR(const struct program *p, const struct reference *x) { +  return dmalloc_touch(struct program *,p)->inherits + x->inherit_offset; + }    -  + static inline struct program *PROG_FROM_PTR(const struct program *p, const struct reference *x) { +  return dmalloc_touch(struct program *, INHERIT_FROM_PTR(p,x)->prog); + } +  + static inline struct identifier *ID_FROM_PTR(const struct program *p, const struct reference *x) { +  return PROG_FROM_PTR(p,x)->identifiers + x->identifier_offset; + } +  + static inline struct inherit *INHERIT_FROM_INT(const struct program *p, const unsigned INT16 x) { +  struct reference *ref = PTR_FROM_INT(p, x); +  return INHERIT_FROM_PTR(p, ref); + } +  + static inline struct program *PROG_FROM_INT(const struct program *p, const unsigned INT16 x) { +  struct reference *ref = PTR_FROM_INT(p, x); +  return PROG_FROM_PTR(p, ref); + } +  + static inline struct identifier *ID_FROM_INT(const struct program *p, unsigned INT16 x) { +  struct reference *ref = PTR_FROM_INT(p, x); +  return ID_FROM_PTR(p, ref); + } +    #define QUICK_FIND_LFUN(P,N) (dmalloc_touch(struct program *,(P))->lfuns[N])      #ifdef DO_PIKE_CLEANUP   PMOD_EXPORT extern int gc_external_refs_zapped;   PMOD_EXPORT void gc_check_zapped (void *a, TYPE_T type, const char *file, INT_TYPE line);   #endif      #if defined (USE_DLL) && defined (DYNAMIC_MODULE)   /* Use the function in modules so we don't have to export the block    * alloc stuff. */
pike.git/src/program.h:751:      /* Prototypes begin here */   PMOD_EXPORT void do_free_program (struct program *p);   void ins_int(INT32 i, void (*func)(char tmp));   void add_relocated_int_to_program(INT32 i);   void use_module(struct svalue *s);   void unuse_modules(INT32 howmany);   node *find_module_identifier(struct pike_string *ident,    int see_inherit);   node *find_predef_identifier(struct pike_string *ident); + int low_resolve_identifier(struct pike_string *ident);   node *resolve_identifier(struct pike_string *ident);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *resolve_program(struct pike_string *ident);   node *find_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *inherit_state,    int inherit_depth, int inh,    struct pike_string *ident);   node *program_magic_identifier (struct program_state *state,    int state_depth, int inherit_num,    struct pike_string *ident,    int colon_colon_ref);   struct program *parent_compilation(int level);
pike.git/src/program.h:799:   PMOD_EXPORT void set_gc_check_callback(void (*m)(struct object *));   PMOD_EXPORT void pike_set_prog_event_callback(void (*cb)(int));   PMOD_EXPORT void pike_set_prog_optimize_callback(node *(*opt)(node *));   PMOD_EXPORT int really_low_reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *q,    int i,    int f);   PMOD_EXPORT int low_reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *q,    int e,    struct pike_string *name,    int flags); - int find_inherit(struct program *p, struct pike_string *name); + int find_inherit(const struct program *p, const struct pike_string *name);   PMOD_EXPORT int reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *state,    struct pike_string *inherit,    struct pike_string *name);   void rename_last_inherit(struct pike_string *n);   void lower_inherit(struct program *p,    struct object *parent,    int parent_identifier,    int parent_offset,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name);   PMOD_EXPORT void low_inherit(struct program *p,    struct object *parent,    int parent_identifier,    int parent_offset,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name); -  + PMOD_EXPORT struct program *lexical_inherit(int scope_depth, +  struct pike_string *symbol, +  INT32 flags, +  int failure_severity_level);   PMOD_EXPORT void do_inherit(struct svalue *s,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name);   void compiler_do_inherit(node *n, INT32 flags, struct pike_string *name); -  + void compiler_do_implement(node *n);   int call_handle_inherit(struct pike_string *s);   void simple_do_inherit(struct pike_string *s,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name); - int isidentifier(struct pike_string *s); + int isidentifier(const struct pike_string *s);   int low_define_alias(struct pike_string *name, struct pike_type *type,    int flags, int depth, int refno);   PMOD_EXPORT int define_alias(struct pike_string *name, struct pike_type *type,    int flags, int depth, int refno);   int is_auto_variable_type( int variable );   int low_define_variable(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_type *type,    INT32 flags,    size_t offset,    INT32 run_time_type);
pike.git/src/program.h:886:    struct object *o,    INT32 flags);   PMOD_EXPORT int add_function_constant(const char *name, void (*cfun)(INT32), const char * type, int flags);   PMOD_EXPORT int debug_end_class(const char *name, ptrdiff_t namelen, INT32 flags);   INT32 define_function(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_type *type,    unsigned flags,    unsigned function_flags,    union idptr *func,    unsigned opt_flags); - PMOD_EXPORT int really_low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name, + PMOD_EXPORT int really_low_find_shared_string_identifier(const struct pike_string *name,    const struct program *prog,    int flags);   int really_low_find_variant_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog,    struct pike_type *type,    int start_pos,    int flags);   PMOD_EXPORT int low_find_lfun(struct program *p, enum LFUN lfun);   PMOD_EXPORT int find_lfun_fatal(struct program *p, enum LFUN lfun);   int lfun_lookup_id(struct pike_string *lfun_name); - int low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name, + int low_find_shared_string_identifier(const struct pike_string *name,    const struct program *prog);   struct ff_hash;   int find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    const struct program *prog);   PMOD_EXPORT int find_identifier(const char *name,const struct program *prog);   int store_prog_string(struct pike_string *str);   int store_constant(const struct svalue *foo,    int equal,    struct pike_string *constant_name);   struct array *program_indices(struct program *p);
pike.git/src/program.h:995:   PMOD_EXPORT void *parent_storage(int depth, struct program *expected);   PMOD_EXPORT void *get_inherited_storage(int inh, struct program *expected);   void make_area_executable (char *start, size_t len);   void make_program_executable(struct program *p);   PMOD_EXPORT void string_builder_append_disassembly(struct string_builder *s,    const PIKE_OPCODE_T *start,    const PIKE_OPCODE_T *end,    const char *opcode,    const char **params,    const char *comment); + enum Pike_opcodes; + PMOD_EXPORT void string_builder_append_pike_opcode(struct string_builder *s, +  const PIKE_OPCODE_T *addr, +  enum Pike_opcodes op, +  int arg1, +  int arg2);   PMOD_EXPORT void add_reverse_symbol(struct pike_string *sym, void *addr);   PMOD_EXPORT void simple_add_reverse_symbol(const char *sym, void *addr);   PMOD_EXPORT void init_reverse_symbol_table();   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *reverse_symbol_lookup(void *addr);   /* Prototypes end here */      /**    * Look up the given lfun in the given program and returns the    * function number it has in the program, or -1 if not found.    */   static inline int PIKE_UNUSED_ATTRIBUTE FIND_LFUN(struct program * p, enum LFUN lfun) {   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    dmalloc_touch(struct program*, p);    if ((int)lfun < 0) return find_lfun_fatal(p, lfun);   #endif    if (p->flags & PROGRAM_FIXED && lfun < NUM_LFUNS) return p->lfuns[lfun];    return low_find_lfun(p, lfun);   }      #define quick_add_function(NAME, NLEN, FUNC, TYPE, TLEN, FLAGS, OPT) \ -  low_quick_add_function(__builtin_constant_p(NAME) \ +  low_quick_add_function(STATIC_IS_CONSTANT(NAME) \    ? make_shared_static_string(NAME, NLEN, eightbit) \    : make_shared_binary_string(NAME, NLEN), \    FUNC, TYPE, TLEN, FLAGS, OPT)         #ifndef PIKE_USE_MACHINE_CODE   #define make_program_executable(X)   #endif      #define ADD_FUNCTION(NAME, FUNC, TYPE, FLAGS) \
pike.git/src/program.h:1101:    */   #define Pike_new_program Pike_compiler->new_program         /* Return true if compat version is equal or less than MAJOR.MINOR */   #define TEST_COMPAT(MAJOR,MINOR) \    (Pike_compiler->compat_major < (MAJOR) || \    (Pike_compiler->compat_major == (MAJOR) && \    Pike_compiler->compat_minor <= (MINOR)))    - #endif /* PROGRAM_H */ +     - /* Kludge... */ - #ifndef LAS_H - /* FIXME: Needed for the OPT_??? macros. -  * Maybe they should be moved here, since las.h includes this file anyway? + #define OPT_OPTIMIZED 0x1 /* has been processed by optimize(), +  * only used in node_info    */ - #include "las.h" - #endif /* !LAS_H */ + #define OPT_NOT_CONST 0x2 /* isn't constant */ + #define OPT_SIDE_EFFECT 0x4 /* has side effects */ + #define OPT_ASSIGNMENT 0x8 /* does assignments */ + #define OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE 0x10 /* might be worth optimizing */ + #define OPT_EXTERNAL_DEPEND 0x20 /* the value depends on external +  * influences (such as read_file or so) +  */ + #define OPT_CASE 0x40 /* contains case(s) */ + #define OPT_CONTINUE 0x80 /* contains continue(s) */ + #define OPT_BREAK 0x100 /* contains break(s) */ + #define OPT_RETURN 0x200 /* contains return(s) */ + #define OPT_TYPE_NOT_FIXED 0x400 /* type-field might be wrong */ + #define OPT_WEAK_TYPE 0x800 /* don't warn even if strict types */ + #define OPT_APPLY 0x1000 /* contains apply */ + #define OPT_FLAG_NODE 0x2000 /* don't optimize away unless the +  * parent also is optimized away */ + #define OPT_SAFE 0x4000 /* Known to not throw error (which normally +  * isn't counted as side effect). Only used +  * in tree_info. */ +  + /* This is a statement which got custom break/continue label handling. +  * Set in compiler_frame. Beware: This is not a node flag! -Hubbe */ + #define OPT_CUSTOM_LABELS 0x10000 +  + #endif /* PROGRAM_H */