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pike.git/src/program.h:636:    INT16 parent_identifier;   };      /* Single entry cache for object indexing. */   struct identifier_lookup_cache   {    INT32 program_id;    INT32 identifier_id;   };    + #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG + struct debug_breakpoint { +  ptrdiff_t offset; +  struct debug_breakpoint * prev; +  struct debug_breakpoint * next; + }; + #endif /* PIKE_DEBUG */ +    struct program   {    GC_MARKER_MEMBERS;    INT32 id; /* used to identify program in caches */       /* storage_needed - storage needed in object struct    * the first inherit[0].storage_offset bytes are not used and are    * subtracted when inheriting.    */    ptrdiff_t storage_needed; /* storage needed in the object struct */
pike.git/src/program.h:662:    struct timeval timestamp;       struct program *next;    struct program *prev;    struct program *parent;       node *(*optimize)(node *n);       void (*event_handler)(int);   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG +  struct debug_breakpoint *breakpoints;    unsigned INT32 checksum;   #endif   #ifdef PROFILING    unsigned INT32 num_clones;   #endif /* PROFILING */       size_t total_size;      #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,ARGTYPE,NAME) TYPE * NAME ;   #include "program_areas.h"
pike.git/src/program.h:997:    struct pike_string *file);   void start_line_numbering(void);   void store_linenumber(INT_TYPE current_line, struct pike_string *current_file);   void store_linenumber_local_name(int local_num, int string_num);   void store_linenumber_local_type(int local_num, int constant_num);   void store_linenumber_local_end(int local_num);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *low_get_program_line(struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *get_program_line(struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep); +  + PMOD_EXPORT ptrdiff_t low_get_offset_for_line (struct program *prog, +  struct pike_string * fname, +  INT_TYPE linep); +    PMOD_EXPORT char *low_get_program_line_plain (struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep,    int malloced);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *low_get_line(PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc,    struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep,    struct local_variable_info *vars);   PMOD_EXPORT char *low_get_line_plain (PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc, struct program *prog,    INT_TYPE *linep, int malloced);   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *get_line(PIKE_OPCODE_T *pc,