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pike.git/src/program.h:1:   /*   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information. - || $Id: program.h,v 1.222 2006/04/27 09:37:33 tor Exp $ + || $Id: program.h,v 1.223 2006/07/05 02:21:21 mast Exp $   */      #ifndef PROGRAM_H   #define PROGRAM_H      #include <stdarg.h>   #include "global.h"   #include "pike_macros.h"   #include "pike_error.h"   #include "svalue.h"   #include "dmalloc.h"   #include "time_stuff.h"   #include "program_id.h"   #include "pike_rusage.h"   #include "block_alloc_h.h"      /* Needed to support dynamic loading on NT */ - PMOD_PROTO extern struct program_state * Pike_compiler; + PMOD_EXPORT extern struct program_state * Pike_compiler;      /* Compilation flags */   #define COMPILATION_CHECK_FINAL 0x01    /* This flag is set when resolve functions should force the lookup so    * that we don't get a placeholder back. Used for inherits. */   #define COMPILATION_FORCE_RESOLVE 0x02      /* #define FORCE_RESOLVE_DEBUG */   /* Helper macros for force_resolve */   #ifdef FORCE_RESOLVE_DEBUG
pike.git/src/program.h:579:   #define PROG_FROM_PTR(P,X) (dmalloc_touch(struct program *,INHERIT_FROM_PTR(P,X)->prog))   #define ID_FROM_PTR(P,X) (PROG_FROM_PTR(P,X)->identifiers+(X)->identifier_offset)   #define INHERIT_FROM_INT(P,X) INHERIT_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X))   #define PROG_FROM_INT(P,X) PROG_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X))   #define ID_FROM_INT(P,X) ID_FROM_PTR(P, PTR_FROM_INT(P, X))      #define FIND_LFUN(P,N) ( dmalloc_touch(struct program *,(P))->flags & PROGRAM_FIXED?((P)->lfuns[(N)]):low_find_lfun((P), (N)) )   #define QUICK_FIND_LFUN(P,N) (dmalloc_touch(struct program *,(P))->lfuns[N])      #ifdef DO_PIKE_CLEANUP - extern int gc_external_refs_zapped; - void gc_check_zapped (void *a, TYPE_T type, const char *file, int line); + PMOD_EXPORT extern int gc_external_refs_zapped; + PMOD_EXPORT void gc_check_zapped (void *a, TYPE_T type, const char *file, int line);   #endif    -  + #if defined (USE_DLL) && defined (DYNAMIC_MODULE) + /* Use the function in modules so we don't have to export the block +  * alloc stuff. */ + #define free_program(p) do_free_program(p) + #else   #define free_program(p) do{ \    struct program *_=(p); \    debug_malloc_touch(_); \    DO_IF_DEBUG ( \    DO_IF_PIKE_CLEANUP ( \    if (gc_external_refs_zapped) \    gc_check_zapped (_, PIKE_T_PROGRAM, __FILE__, __LINE__))); \    if(!sub_ref(_)) \    really_free_program(_); \    }while(0) -  + #endif      BLOCK_ALLOC_FILL_PAGES(program, n/a);         extern struct object *error_handler;   extern struct object *compat_handler;      extern struct program *first_program;   extern struct program *null_program;   extern struct program *pike_trampoline_program;
pike.git/src/program.h:641:    struct Supporter *dependants;    struct Supporter *next_dependant;    supporter_callback *fun;    void *data;    struct program *prog;   };            /* Prototypes begin here */ + PMOD_EXPORT void do_free_program (struct program *p);   void ins_int(INT32 i, void (*func)(char tmp));   void ins_short(int i, void (*func)(char tmp));   void add_relocated_int_to_program(INT32 i);   void use_module(struct svalue *s);   void unuse_modules(INT32 howmany);   node *find_module_identifier(struct pike_string *ident,    int see_inherit);   node *resolve_identifier(struct pike_string *ident);   node *program_magic_identifier (struct program_state *state,    int state_depth, int inherit_num,
pike.git/src/program.h:681:   void dump_program_tables (struct program *p, int indent);   void check_program(struct program *p);   struct program *end_first_pass(int finish);   PMOD_EXPORT struct program *debug_end_program(void);   PMOD_EXPORT size_t low_add_storage(size_t size, size_t alignment,    ptrdiff_t modulo_orig);   PMOD_EXPORT void set_init_callback(void (*init_callback)(struct object *));   PMOD_EXPORT void set_exit_callback(void (*exit_callback)(struct object *));   PMOD_EXPORT void set_gc_recurse_callback(void (*m)(struct object *));   PMOD_EXPORT void set_gc_check_callback(void (*m)(struct object *)); - void pike_set_prog_event_callback(void (*cb)(int)); - void pike_set_prog_optimize_callback(node *(*opt)(node *)); + PMOD_EXPORT void pike_set_prog_event_callback(void (*cb)(int)); + PMOD_EXPORT void pike_set_prog_optimize_callback(node *(*opt)(node *));   int really_low_reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *q,    int e,    int i);   int low_reference_inherited_identifier(struct program_state *q,    int e,    struct pike_string *name,    int flags);   int find_inherit(struct program *p, struct pike_string *name);   node *reference_inherited_identifier(struct pike_string *super_name,    struct pike_string *function_name);
pike.git/src/program.h:772:   PMOD_EXPORT int debug_end_class(const char *name, ptrdiff_t namelen, INT32 flags);   INT32 define_function(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_type *type,    unsigned flags,    unsigned function_flags,    union idptr *func,    unsigned opt_flags);   int really_low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog,    int flags); - int low_find_lfun(struct program *p, ptrdiff_t lfun); + PMOD_EXPORT int low_find_lfun(struct program *p, ptrdiff_t lfun);   int lfun_lookup_id(struct pike_string *lfun_name);   int low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog);   struct ff_hash;   int find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog);   PMOD_EXPORT int find_identifier(const char *name,struct program *prog);   int store_prog_string(struct pike_string *str);   int store_constant(struct svalue *foo,    int equal,
pike.git/src/program.h:870:   struct implements_cache_s;   PMOD_EXPORT int implements(struct program *a, struct program *b);   PMOD_EXPORT int is_compatible(struct program *a, struct program *b);   void yyexplain_not_compatible(struct program *a, struct program *b, int flags);   void yyexplain_not_implements(struct program *a, struct program *b, int flags);   PMOD_EXPORT void *parent_storage(int depth);   PMOD_EXPORT void change_compiler_compatibility(int major, int minor);   void make_program_executable(struct program *p);   /* Prototypes end here */    - void really_free_program(struct program *); +    void count_memory_in_programs(INT32*,INT32*);      #ifndef PIKE_USE_MACHINE_CODE   #define make_program_executable(X)   #endif      #define ADD_FUNCTION(NAME, FUNC, TYPE, FLAGS) \    quick_add_function(NAME, CONSTANT_STRLEN(NAME), FUNC, TYPE,\    CONSTANT_STRLEN(TYPE), FLAGS, \    OPT_SIDE_EFFECT|OPT_EXTERNAL_DEPEND)