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pike.git/src/program.h:42:      #define NUM_LFUNS 28      extern char *lfun_names[];      #ifndef STRUCT_SVALUE_DECLARED   #define STRUCT_SVALUE_DECLARED   struct svalue;   #endif    + #ifndef STRUCT_NODE_S_DECLARED + #define STRUCT_NODE_S_DECLARED + struct node_s; + #endif +    #ifndef STRUCT_OBJECT_DECLARED   #define STRUCT_OBJECT_DECLARED   struct object;   #endif      /* I need:    * a) one type that can point to a callable function.    * (C function, or object->fun)    * This can for instance be an svalue.    *
pike.git/src/program.h:120:      struct reference   {    unsigned INT16 inherit_offset;    unsigned INT16 identifier_offset;    INT16 flags; /* static, private etc.. */   };      struct inherit   { -  struct program *prog; -  struct pike_string *name; +     INT16 inherit_level; /* really needed? */    INT16 identifier_level; -  +  INT16 parent_identifier;    INT32 storage_offset; -  +  struct object *parent; +  struct program *prog; +  struct pike_string *name;   };      /* program parts have been realloced into one block */   #define PROGRAM_OPTIMIZED 1      /* program has gone through pass 1 of compiler, prototypes etc. will    * not change from now on    */   #define PROGRAM_FIXED 2   
pike.git/src/program.h:190:   extern struct program *new_program;   extern int compiler_pass;      #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,NAME) void add_to_##NAME(TYPE ARG);   #include "program_areas.h"      /* Prototypes begin here */   void ins_int(INT32 i, void (*func)(char tmp));   void ins_short(INT16 i, void (*func)(char tmp));   void use_module(struct svalue *s); - int find_module_identifier(struct pike_string *ident); + struct node_s *find_module_identifier(struct pike_string *ident); + struct program *parent_compilation(int level);   struct program *id_to_program(INT32 id);   void optimize_program(struct program *p);   void fixate_program(void);   void low_start_new_program(struct program *p,    struct pike_string *name,    int flags);   void start_new_program(void);   void really_free_program(struct program *p);   void dump_program_desc(struct program *p);   void check_program(struct program *p);   struct program *end_first_pass(int finish);   struct program *end_program(void);   SIZE_T add_storage(SIZE_T size);   void set_init_callback(void (*init)(struct object *));   void set_exit_callback(void (*exit)(struct object *));   int low_reference_inherited_identifier(int e,    struct pike_string *name);   int reference_inherited_identifier(struct pike_string *super_name,    struct pike_string *function_name);   void rename_last_inherit(struct pike_string *n); - void do_inherit(struct program *p,INT32 flags, struct pike_string *name); - void simple_do_inherit(struct pike_string *s, INT32 flags,struct pike_string *name); + void do_inherit(struct svalue *prog, +  INT32 flags, +  struct pike_string *name); + void simple_do_inherit(struct pike_string *s, +  INT32 flags, +  struct pike_string *name);   int isidentifier(struct pike_string *s);   int define_variable(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_string *type,    INT32 flags);   int simple_add_variable(char *name,    char *type,    INT32 flags);   int add_constant(struct pike_string *name,    struct svalue *c,    INT32 flags);
pike.git/src/program.h:245:   int add_program_constant(char *name,    struct program *p,    INT32 flags);   int add_function_constant(char *name, void (*cfun)(INT32), char * type, INT16 flags);   int end_class(char *name, INT32 flags);   INT32 define_function(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_string *type,    INT16 flags,    INT8 function_flags,    union idptr *func); + int low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name, +  struct program *prog);   struct ff_hash;   int find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog);   int find_identifier(char *name,struct program *prog);   int store_prog_string(struct pike_string *str);   int store_constant(struct svalue *foo, int equal);   void start_line_numbering(void);   void store_linenumber(INT32 current_line, struct pike_string *current_file);   char *get_line(unsigned char *pc,struct program *prog,INT32 *linep);   void my_yyerror(char *fmt,...) ATTRIBUTE((format(printf,1,2)));
pike.git/src/program.h:271:   void gc_mark_all_programs(void);   void gc_free_all_unreferenced_programs(void);   void count_memory_in_programs(INT32 *num_, INT32 *size_);   void push_compiler_frame(void);   void pop_local_variables(int level);   void pop_compiler_frame(void);   char *get_storage(struct object *o, struct program *p);   struct program *low_program_from_function(struct program *p,    INT32 i);   struct program *program_from_function(struct svalue *f); + struct program *program_from_svalue(struct svalue *s);   struct find_child_cache_s;   int find_child(struct program *parent, struct program *child);   void yywarning(char *fmt, ...) ATTRIBUTE((format(printf,1,2)));   /* Prototypes end here */         #endif