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pike.git/src/program.h:1:   /*\   ||| This file a part of Pike, and is copyright by Fredrik Hubinette   ||| Pike is distributed as GPL (General Public License)   ||| See the files COPYING and DISCLAIMER for more information.   \*/      /* -  * $Id: program.h,v 1.50 1999/02/10 01:29:10 hubbe Exp $ +  * $Id: program.h,v 1.51 1999/02/10 21:46:52 hubbe Exp $    */   #ifndef PROGRAM_H   #define PROGRAM_H      #include <stdarg.h>   #include "global.h"   #include "pike_types.h"   #include "pike_macros.h"   #include "svalue.h"   #include "time_stuff.h"
pike.git/src/program.h:325:    INT32 flags);   int add_constant(struct pike_string *name,    struct svalue *c,    INT32 flags);   int simple_add_constant(char *name,    struct svalue *c,    INT32 flags);   int add_integer_constant(char *name,    INT32 i,    INT32 flags); + int quick_add_integer_constant(char *name, +  int name_length, +  INT32 i, +  INT32 flags);   int add_float_constant(char *name,    double f,    INT32 flags);   int add_string_constant(char *name,    char *str,    INT32 flags);   int add_program_constant(char *name,    struct program *p,    INT32 flags);   int add_object_constant(char *name,    struct object *o,    INT32 flags);   int add_function_constant(char *name, void (*cfun)(INT32), char * type, INT16 flags); - int debug_end_class(char *name, INT32 flags); + int debug_end_class(char *name, int namelen, INT32 flags);   INT32 define_function(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_string *type,    INT16 flags,    INT8 function_flags,    union idptr *func);   int really_low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog,    int see_static);   int low_find_shared_string_identifier(struct pike_string *name,    struct program *prog);
pike.git/src/program.h:365:   struct array *program_indices(struct program *p);   struct array *program_values(struct program *p);   void program_index_no_free(struct svalue *to, struct program *p,    struct svalue *ind);   void start_line_numbering(void);   void store_linenumber(INT32 current_line, struct pike_string *current_file);   char *get_line(unsigned char *pc,struct program *prog,INT32 *linep);   void my_yyerror(char *fmt,...) ATTRIBUTE((format(printf,1,2)));   struct program *compile(struct pike_string *prog);   int add_function(char *name,void (*cfun)(INT32),char *type,INT16 flags); + int quick_add_function(char *name, +  int name_length, +  void (*cfun)(INT32), +  char *type, +  int type_length, +  INT16 flags, +  int opt_flags);   void check_all_programs(void);   void init_program(void);   void cleanup_program(void);   void gc_mark_program_as_referenced(struct program *p);   void gc_check_all_programs(void);   void gc_mark_all_programs(void);   void gc_free_all_unreferenced_programs(void);   void count_memory_in_programs(INT32 *num_, INT32 *size_);   void push_compiler_frame(int lexical_scope);   void pop_local_variables(int level);
pike.git/src/program.h:389:    INT32 i);   struct program *program_from_function(struct svalue *f);   struct program *program_from_svalue(struct svalue *s);   struct find_child_cache_s;   int find_child(struct program *parent, struct program *child);   void yywarning(char *fmt, ...) ATTRIBUTE((format(printf,1,2)));   struct implements_cache_s;   int implements(struct program *a, struct program *b);   /* Prototypes end here */    + #define ADD_FUNCTION(NAME,FUNC,TYPE,FLAGS) \ +  quick_add_function(NAME,CONSTANT_STRLEN(NAME),FUNC,TYPE,CONSTANT_STRLEN(TYPE),FLAGS,0)    -  + #define ADD_INT_CONSTANT(NAME,CONST,FLAGS) \ +  quick_add_integer_constant(NAME,CONSTANT_STRLEN(NAME),CONST,FLAGS) +    #endif      #ifdef DEBUG_MALLOC   #define end_program() ((struct program *)debug_malloc_touch(debug_end_program())) - #define end_class(NAME, FLAGS) do { debug_malloc_touch(new_program); debug_end_class(NAME, FLAGS); }while(0) + #define end_class(NAME, FLAGS) do { debug_malloc_touch(new_program); debug_end_class(NAME, CONSTANT_STRLEN(NAME), FLAGS); }while(0)   #else - #define end_class debug_end_class + #define end_class(NAME,FLAGS) debug_end_class(NAME, CONSTANT_STRLEN(NAME), FLAGS)   #define end_program debug_end_program   #endif