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pike.git/src/program.h:557:    * them "dead" and destroy them in an arbitrary order).    *    * Such a "very simple" handler should only do things like freeing    * pointers and clearing variables in the object storage. It can not    * assume that any other context is intact when it's called. It might    * even get called after the module exit function, which means that    * this optimization trick can never be used in a dynamically loaded    * module. */   #define PROGRAM_LIVE_OBJ 0x2000    - /* Indicates that the class is a facet or product_class. */ - #define PROGRAM_IS_FACET 0x4000 - #define PROGRAM_IS_PRODUCT 0x8000 -  +    /* Using define instead of enum allows for ifdefs - Hubbe */   #define PROG_EVENT_INIT 0   #define PROG_EVENT_EXIT 1   #define PROG_EVENT_GC_RECURSE 2   #define PROG_EVENT_GC_CHECK 3   #define NUM_PROG_EVENTS 4      /* These macros should only be used if (p->flags & PROGRAM_USES_PARENT)    * is true    */
pike.git/src/program.h:635:       size_t total_size;      #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,ARGTYPE,NAME) TYPE * NAME ;   #include "program_areas.h"      #define FOO(NUMTYPE,TYPE,ARGTYPE,NAME) NUMTYPE PIKE_CONCAT(num_,NAME) ;   #include "program_areas.h"       INT16 lfuns[NUM_LFUNS]; -  - #ifdef WITH_FACETS -  /* Facet related stuff */ -  INT32 facet_index; /* Index to the facet this facet class belongs to */ -  struct object *facet_group; - #endif +    };      PMOD_EXPORT void dump_program_tables (const struct program *p, int indent);   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG   static INLINE int CHECK_IDREF_RANGE (int x, const struct program *p)   {    if (x < 0 || x >= p->num_identifier_references) {    dump_program_tables(p, 4);    debug_fatal ("Identifier reference index %d out of range 0..%d\n", x,    p->num_identifier_references - 1);
pike.git/src/program.h:840:    struct pike_string *name);   PMOD_EXPORT void do_inherit(struct svalue *s,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name);   void compiler_do_inherit(node *n, INT32 flags, struct pike_string *name);   int call_handle_inherit(struct pike_string *s);   void simple_do_inherit(struct pike_string *s,    INT32 flags,    struct pike_string *name);   int isidentifier(struct pike_string *s); - int isidentifier_variant(struct pike_string *name, -  unsigned id_flags, -  struct pike_type *type); +    int low_define_alias(struct pike_string *name, struct pike_type *type,    int flags, int depth, int refno);   PMOD_EXPORT int define_alias(struct pike_string *name, struct pike_type *type,    int flags, int depth, int refno);   int low_define_variable(struct pike_string *name,    struct pike_type *type,    INT32 flags,    size_t offset,    INT32 run_time_type);   PMOD_EXPORT int map_variable(const char *name,