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pike.git/src/program.h:1093:   PMOD_EXPORT void *get_inherited_storage(int inh, struct program *expected);   PMOD_EXPORT void change_compiler_compatibility(int major, int minor);   void make_area_executable (char *start, size_t len);   void make_program_executable(struct program *p);   PMOD_EXPORT void string_builder_append_disassembly(struct string_builder *s,    const PIKE_OPCODE_T *start,    const PIKE_OPCODE_T *end,    const char *opcode,    const char **params,    const char *comment); + PMOD_EXPORT void add_reverse_symbol(struct pike_string *sym, void *addr); + PMOD_EXPORT void simple_add_reverse_symbol(const char *sym, void *addr); + PMOD_EXPORT void init_reverse_symbol_table(); + PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *reverse_symbol_lookup(void *addr);   /* Prototypes end here */      /**    * Look up the given lfun in the given program and returns the    * function number it has in the program, or -1 if not found.    */   static inline int PIKE_UNUSED_ATTRIBUTE FIND_LFUN(struct program * p, enum LFUN lfun) {   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    dmalloc_touch(struct program*, p);    if ((int)lfun < 0) return find_lfun_fatal(p, lfun);