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pike.git/src/stralloc.c:74:   #define BEGIN_HASH_SIZE 1024      /* Experimental dynamic hash length */   #ifndef HASH_PREFIX   static unsigned int HASH_PREFIX=64;   static unsigned int need_more_hash_prefix_depth=0;   #endif      /* Force a new hashkey to be generated early during init. */   static unsigned int need_new_hashkey_depth=0xffff; - static size_t hashkey = 0xa55aa55a; + static size_t hashkey = 0;      static unsigned INT32 htable_size=0;   static unsigned int hashprimes_entry=0;   static struct pike_string **base_table=0;   static unsigned INT32 num_strings=0;   PMOD_EXPORT struct pike_string *empty_pike_string = 0;      /*** Main string hash function ***/      #define StrHash(s,len) low_do_hash(s,len,0)