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pike.git/src/stuff.c:132:   #endif      PMOD_EXPORT void my_srand(INT32 seed)   {   #if HAS___BUILTIN_IA32_RDRAND32_STEP    unsigned int ignore, cpuid_ecx;    if( !use_rdrnd )    {    INT32 cpuid[4];    x86_get_cpuid (1, cpuid); -  if( cpuid[2] & bit_RDRND_2 ) +  if( cpuid[3] & bit_RDRND_2 )    use_rdrnd = 1;    }    /* We still do the initialization here, since rdrnd might stop    working if the hardware random unit in the CPU fails (according    to intel documentation).          This is likely to be rather rare. But the cost is not exactly    high.