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pike.git/src/threads.c:3406:    *! different thread can take the mutex, update the state of the resource,    *! and then signal the condition (which does not in itself release the    *! mutex, but the signalled thread will be next in line once the mutex is    *! released).    *!    *! @note    *! Condition variables are only available on systems with thread    *! support. The Condition class is not simulated otherwise, since that    *! can't be done accurately without continuations.    *! +  *! @note +  *! Signals may currently be sent without holding the lock, +  *! but this should be avoided as it may cause the signal +  *! to be lost (especially when the signal is not associated +  *! with a corresponding change of the shared resource). +  *!    *! @seealso    *! @[Mutex]    */      struct pike_cond {    COND_T cond;    int wait_count;    struct object *mutex_obj;   };