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pike.git/src/threads.c:1924:    *    * The main race is the one on current_object,    * since it at this point only has one reference.    *    * We also want the stuff in arg to be copied properly    * before we exit the function...    */    SWAP_OUT_CURRENT_THREAD();    THREADS_FPRINTF(0, "f_thread_create %p waiting...\n", thread_state);    while (thread_state->status == THREAD_NOT_STARTED) -  low_co_wait_interpreter (&thread_state->status_change); +  co_wait_interpreter (&thread_state->status_change);    THREADS_FPRINTF(0, "f_thread_create %p continue\n", thread_state);    SWAP_IN_CURRENT_THREAD();    } else {    low_cleanup_interpret(&thread_state->state);    free_array(arg.args);    Pike_error("Failed to create thread (errno = %d).\n", tmp);    }       THREADS_FPRINTF(0, "f_thread_create %p done\n", thread_state);   }