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pike.git/src/threads.c:426:    {push_ulongest (check_threads_calls);}   static void f__check_threads_yields (INT32 args)    {push_ulongest (check_threads_yields);}   static void f__check_threads_swaps (INT32 args)    {push_ulongest (check_threads_swaps);}      #else      #define SET_LOCKING_THREAD 0   #define UNSET_LOCKING_THREAD 0 - static INLINE void check_interpreter_lock (DLOC_DECL) {} +       #endif      PMOD_EXPORT INLINE void pike_low_lock_interpreter (DLOC_DECL)   {    /* The double locking here is to ensure that when a thread releases    * the interpreter lock, a different thread gets it first. Thereby    * we ensure a thread switch in check_threads, if there are other    * threads waiting. */    mt_lock (&interpreter_lock_wanted);