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pike.git/src/threads.h:37:   #define THREAD_DEBUG_LOOSE 1 /* Thread is not bound to the interpreter. */      struct thread_state {    struct Pike_interpreter_struct state;    struct object *thread_obj; /* NOTE: Not ref-counted! */    struct mapping *thread_local;    struct thread_state *hashlink, **backlink;    struct svalue result;    COND_T status_change;    THREAD_T id; +  cpu_time_t interval_start; /* real_time at THREADS_DISALLOW(). */   #ifdef CPU_TIME_MIGHT_BE_THREAD_LOCAL    cpu_time_t auto_gc_time;   #endif    unsigned short waiting; /* Threads waiting on status_change. */    unsigned short flags;    char swapped; /* Set if thread has been swapped out. */    signed char status;   #ifdef PIKE_DEBUG    char debug_flags;   #endif