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pike.git/src/threads.h:1:   /*   || This file is part of Pike. For copyright information see COPYRIGHT.   || Pike is distributed under GPL, LGPL and MPL. See the file COPYING   || for more information. - || $Id: threads.h,v 1.135 2008/08/05 20:47:27 mast Exp $ + || $Id: threads.h,v 1.136 2008/08/05 21:23:46 mast Exp $   */      #ifndef THREADS_H   #define THREADS_H      #include "object.h"   #include "pike_error.h"   #include "interpret.h"   #include "pike_threadlib.h"   
pike.git/src/threads.h:96:   void exit_cond_obj(struct object *o);   void f_thread_backtrace(INT32 args);   void f_thread_id_status(INT32 args);   void init_thread_obj(struct object *o);   void exit_thread_obj(struct object *o);   PMOD_EXPORT void f_thread_local(INT32 args);   void f_thread_local_get(INT32 args);   void f_thread_local_set(INT32 args);   void low_th_init(void);   void th_init(void); + void cleanup_all_other_threads (void);   void th_cleanup(void);   int th_num_idle_farmers(void);   int th_num_farmers(void);   PMOD_EXPORT void th_farm(void (*fun)(void *), void *here);   PMOD_EXPORT void call_with_interpreter(void (*func)(void *ctx), void *ctx);   PMOD_EXPORT void enable_external_threads(void);   PMOD_EXPORT void disable_external_threads(void);   /* Prototypes end here */      #endif         /* for compatibility */   #include "interpret.h"      #endif /* THREADS_H */