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pike.git/src/time_stuff.h:56:    _a->tv_usec-=1000000; \    } \    } while(0)      /* Note: fdlib.c contains a function local_time_to_utc that converts a    * time_t containing local time to a real one (i.e. UTC). It might be    * generally useful but is so far slightly MS specific, which is why    * it still resides in fdlib.c. (It just needs some more of the usual    * HAVE_XYZ configure test hoopla.) */    - #ifndef STRUCT_TIMEVAL_DECLARED - #define STRUCT_TIMEVAL_DECLARED - #endif -  +    #ifndef HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL   struct timeval   {    long tv_sec;    long tv_usec;   };   #endif      PMOD_EXPORT extern struct timeval current_time;   PMOD_EXPORT extern int current_time_invalid;